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Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery is an important tool in the treatment of skin cancer. Unfortunately, with the long waits for Mohs Surgery appointments, scheduling a procedure can be difficult. Now, you can say goodbye to the overwhelming frustration and anxiety caused by months-long waiting periods for appointments. The Trillium Clinic is proudly redefining the dermatologic care model, ensuring that every patient will be seen within 14 days of requesting an appointment. Step into a new era of patient-centered care, where the agony of waiting for appointments becomes a thing of the past.

Why Do People Choose Mohs Surgery

  • High Cure Rates: Mohs surgery has a very high cure rate, often exceeding 95% for most types of skin cancer. It allows for precise removal of cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue.

  • Tissue Preservation: By meticulously examining the tissue layer by layer, Mohs surgery minimizes the amount of healthy tissue removed, making it particularly suitable for tumors located in critical areas, such as the face or hands.

  • Real-Time Results: The immediate microscopic analysis during the procedure provides real-time feedback to the surgeon, allowing for accurate determination of tumor extent and immediate re-excision if necessary.

  • Minimized Scarring: By selectively removing only cancerous tissue, Mohs surgery helps minimize scarring and optimize cosmetic outcomes.

What should be expected during Mohs surgery

  1. Procedure: Mohs surgery is performed in the Trillium Clinic office in Chapel Hill. It is done under local anesthesia, to numb the area being treated.

  2. Tissue Removal: The surgeon begins by removing the visible tumor along with a thin layer of surrounding healthy tissue. The removed tissue is precisely mapped and labeled to indicate its location on the body.

  3. Tissue Processing: The excised tissue is processed in an on-site laboratory, where it is frozen, sectioned into thin slices, and stained for microscopic examination.

  4. Microscopic Analysis: The Mohs surgeon examines the tissue under a microscope to assess the presence of cancer cells. This step is crucial as it allows the surgeon to determine if any cancer cells are still present at the edges of the excised tissue.

  5. Layer-by-Layer Removal: Based on the microscopic analysis, the surgeon identifies areas where cancer cells are still present. These specific locations are marked on the patient’s body map, and another layer of tissue is precisely removed from those areas.

  6. Repeated Analysis: The process of removing tissue, processing it, and examining it under the microscope is repeated until no cancer cells are detected in the examined tissue. This ensures complete removal of the cancer while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.

What happens after the cancer is removed

Once the surgeon confirms that all cancer cells have been removed, the wound can be repaired. Depending on the size and location of the wound, various closure techniques may be used, including sutures, skin grafts, or local flaps. The goal is to achieve optimal cosmetic and functional results.

Embark of your journey

It’s important to note that Mohs surgery may not be suitable for all types and stages of skin cancer. A dermatologist with expertise in Mohs surgery can evaluate individual cases and determine the most appropriate treatment option. As experts in the detection and treatment of skin cancer, the Trillium Clinic is a Mohs Surgery Center. We invite patients from Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Pittsboro, Mebane, Durham, Burlington, Cary, and surrounding cities, to schedule their Mohs Surgery with us today. We welcome patients who may have had a biopsy performed elsewhere but require Mohs Surgery for removal of a skin cancer. Your or your dermatologist can send your biopsy report to us by fax (919-747-3999) or as a text message attachment. You can self-schedule a pre-Mohs consultation visit here or contact us by phone and we will help you find a convenient appointment. Do not delay your Mohs surgical appointment as the sooner the cancer is removed the better the overall outcome. We look forward to helping you.

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