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There is a pervasive misconception that dermatology, skin care, and cosmetic/aesthetic procedures are exclusively for women. However, data dispel this notion entirely. The number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures has seen a significant surge from 2000 to 2014, with a staggering 310% increase in Botox treatments alone..

At Trillium Med Spa, we proudly serve a diverse population. It’s time to challenge and dismantle the negative stigma surrounding men’s pursuit of external self-improvement. Facts speak for themselves, and the truth is that men are increasingly embracing the benefits of dermatological and aesthetic treatments. Join the growing community of men who understand the value of looking and feeling their best. As a male cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Weiss is proud to help other men focus on their cosmetic journey. At Trillium Clinic Dermatology and the Trillium Med Spa, we welcome and celebrate men seeking to enhance their external well-being.

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