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What is a Botox treatment like?


Cosmetic Dermatology

Botox treatment begins with an in-depth consultation, where your aesthetic aspirations and the nuances of the procedure are meticulously explored. A  comprehensive understanding of your individual facial dynamics should be conducted to ensure the results not only meet but exceed your expectations.

The application of Botox is a blend of art and medical precision, typically accomplished within a brief visit. The use of ultra-fine needles, coupled with the option for topical anesthetic, ensures the experience is as painless as possible.

Following the treatment, the timeline for the onset and duration of Botox’s effects can differ from person to person. Most patients report a noticeable softening of crow’s feet within just a few days after the injections. 

The effects of Botox are known to last a significant amount of time, typically maintaining a smoother skin appearance for three to six months. Factors such as your muscle tone, metabolic rate, and lifestyle habits can influence how long the benefits last. 

To prolong and maintain the youthful appearance of Botox, regular follow-up treatments are often recommended.

Is Botox Treatment Safe?

The formulation of Botox used in cosmetic procedures has an excellent track record of tolerability. Its main ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, has been extensively studied and is approved by regulatory agencies worldwide, including the FDA, for the treatment of crow’s feet and other facial lines.  Dysport, like botox is botulinum toxin, but manufactured differently. Dysport should be avoided in those with an allergy to cow’s milk. Xeomin is another botulinum toxin. It is a more purified form, with fewer additives than Botox.

While any medical treatment can have side effects, adverse reactions to botulinum toxin are uncommon and are typically associated with the injection process rather than the product itself. These side effects may include temporary bruising or swelling at the injection site, which usually resolves quickly.  A key factor to reducing the risk of side effects is having your Botox treatment from a Botox specialist. A center for dermatology cosmetic and laser surgery, like the Trillium Clinic in Chapel Hill offers dermatology specialists highly trained in the injection of Botox.

How much should Botox Treatment cost?

The cost of Botox for crow’s feet treatments for fine lines around the eyes typically reflects the precision and customization that such delicate work requires. Botox is sometimes priced by the unit, with the average cost being around $12-18 per unit. Sometimes it is priced by the area being treated. You should always ask for a detailed quote after a thorough assessment during your consultation, where the treatment plan is tailored to address your unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals. This bespoke approach ensures you are only treated with the right amount of Botox to achieve your desired results.

The total cost is dependent on the number of units your specific case requires, which can vary based on the extent of the area being treated and the depth of the targeted wrinkles as well as the skill level of the injector. Remember, you are not buying an ingredient to use at home.  The expertise of the practitioners and the quality of care you receive matters a great deal.

Think of it like this, you can purchase a piece of meat at the grocery store and cook it at home. You could go to Outback for a steak. You could go to the Angus Barn for a steak. Each will cost you a different amount and you will have a different experience. One may be better than the other. Cosmetic procedures are very similar. A wrinkle relaxer, a cosmetic filler, and even a laser are simple commodities, like steak. But The end product can be very different despite the same input material.

If you, or someone you know, have questions about cosmetic dermatology treatments, or how you may benefit from botox treatments, click HERE to talk with one of the advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery experts at Trillium Clinic Dermatology in Chapel Hill. 

I hope this helps as you begin or continue your cosmetic journey.

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