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Should I get a cosmetic filler?


Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic Fillers (Facial fillers), a cornerstone of aesthetic medicine, have revolutionized the approach to non-surgical facial rejuvenation. 

Composed of substances which are found naturally in the skin, these injectable treatments offer a way to restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and enhance facial contours.

Cheeks: Youth-Enhancing Facial Contour

Cheek enhancement with fillers is a pivotal element in facial rejuvenation. As we age, our cheeks tend to lose their volume, leading to a sunken or flat appearance. 

When injected into the cheek area, filler not only restores this lost volume but also provides a subtle lift to the entire face. This lift can counteract your sagging skin due to aging and gravity, effectively restoring youthful contours. 

The fillers used for your cheeks are often denser, providing both volume and structural support. When done correctly, this not only rejuvenates the cheeks and enhances the overall facial balance but allows for your to build back your own natural collagen foundation.

Under-Eye Area: Diminishing Shadows And Hollows

The under-eye area is one of the first places to show signs of aging, with issues like dark circles, hollows, and bags becoming more prominent. Fillers can be strategically placed in the tear troughs, the areas just below the inner corners of the eyes, to effectively reduce these signs of aging. It’s important to be the right candidate for under-eye filler. Some under-eye darkness and hollowness can also be a symptom of a sagging cheek. 

The key here is subtle – the right amount of filler, with the correct consistency, can brighten the under-eye area and make one look more rested and refreshed. The choice of filler is crucial, as this area requires a softer filler that integrates smoothly without causing puffiness.

Lip Treatments: Creating Fuller Contours With Augmentation

Lip augmentation using fillers has become an increasingly popular lip treatment. It enhances the volume and defines the contours of lips. The goal is not just to add volume but to do so in a way that is in harmony with the rest of your facial features. 

Fillers can be used to correct asymmetries, define the lip border, and add structure and support to the entire lip region in a way that looks balanced and natural. The art of lip filler is in achieving balance – enhancing lip volume while maintaining the natural ratio of the upper to lower lip and ensuring that the lips complement the entire face.

Nasolabial Folds: Softening Smile Lines

Addressing the nasolabial folds, commonly known as smile lines, is a sophisticated use of fillers that can significantly revive one’s appearance. As these lines deepen with age, they can make your face appear more tired or aged. 

Skillfully administered fillers can smooth these smile lines, creating a more youthful and refreshed look. The technique involves injecting fillers in a way that softens the lines without overfilling, maintaining natural facial expressions, and avoiding an overdone appearance.


Enhancing the jawline, chin and nose with fillers can dramatically change your facial profile and restore a youthful appearance. Strategic placement of fillers in these areas helps define the jawline, correct jowls, and provide a better balance between facial features. 

For the chin, fillers can improve projection and symmetry, contributing to an overall harmonious facial structure. This approach not only enhances the lower face aesthetics but can also subtly lift the neck and lower face area, providing a non-surgical facelift effect.

Temples: Reviving The Upper Face

Filling the temples is an often-overlooked yet crucial aspect of facial rejuvenation. Hollow temples, which can occur due to age-related fat and bone loss, can give the face a sunken appearance. 

By carefully placing fillers in this area, our team can restore volume, creating a more youthful frame around your eyes and forehead. The subtlety of this treatment lies in achieving just the right amount of volume to naturally blend with the surrounding areas, avoiding an overcorrected look.

Are Cosmetic filler treatments ever combined for comprehensive rejuvenation?

Combining various filler treatments can offer a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation, simultaneously addressing multiple signs of aging for a more comprehensive and harmonious result. 

Cheek and Jawline Harmony: For a lifted and contoured appearance, combining fillers in the cheeks with those along the jawline can create a striking effect. Cheek fillers add volume and lift, while jawline fillers enhance the definition, resulting in a rejuvenated, youthful profile.

Lips and Perioral Area Synergy: Augmenting the lips while subtly addressing the surrounding lines (smoker’s lines) ensures the enhancements look natural and balanced. Using a softer filler for the lips and a more resilient one for the perioral area can prevent disproportion and overfilling.

Nasolabial and Marionette Lines: Addressing both nasolabial folds and marionette lines simultaneously can provide a more consistent and harmonious rejuvenation of the lower face, smoothing out creases for a fresher look.

If you, or someone you know, have questions about cosmetic dermatology treatments, or how you may benefit from cosmetic fillers, including lip filler treatments, click HERE to talk with one of the advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery experts at Trillium Clinic Dermatology in Chapel Hill. 

I hope this helps as you begin or continue your cosmetic journey.

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